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Rug Repair

This is our Culver City based rug fix service.

With more than 20 years of collected experience, our eco-friendly rug repair pros are some of the most talented inside the Los Angeles area. From small area rug repairs to oriental rug revival, we offer particularly low cost pricing for archival superior repairs.

Let us carry out the specialist cleaning for you!

Your rug is usually a valuable portray within your area and consequently needs to be dealt with as one. Your spilled wine or coffee on it, your dog urinated on your rug or maybe you had to take care of water damage. There are various factors why your precious rug can contain stains and dirt you cannot get out oneself. We are prepared to help you. We assure to prolong lifespan of the rug and give the protection it deserves! Our experts makes use of the really advanced technologies operations so as to deep clean and restore the colours of one’s rug.

Right here is sampling of many of the rug or carpet spots that we bump into every day.

1. Dog urine, feces and vomit can result in spots.

2. Staining caused by home furniture is often corrected. Lots of times a spilled beverage will definitely sink down a furniture leg and cause a spot.

3. Lots of foods trigger spots ketchup, wine, vegetables, mustard, food sauces and many others.

4.Lots of situations can cause irreparable shadowy marks soil, grease, food, animal, etc.

5.Grey marks are brought on by several distinctive things around the house.

6. Oxidation is generally brought on if metal which is touching the carpet is exposed to water.


Rug Repair & Refurbishment – Quite a few a lot of Knowledge!

We perform reweaving destroyed ends, restoring lost corners, repairing holes with fitting wool and fixing the missing designs, joining, fringes, reweaving fiberless stains.

Accidents happen. Do not concern yourself if your animal chews a part of your Persian, Oriental or Area rugs, mostly on the side parts. Our expert carpet restoration employees fix it as if never happened.

Rug Repair

Our Carpet Cleaning, Your Choice!

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